Montenegro - the Adriatic's last undiscovered secret...

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Montenegro - the Adriatic's last undiscovered secret...

With a population of approximately 650,000, Montenegro is the smallest country in the Balkan peninsular. This stable, independent and democratic state on the road to EU membership, is one of the most attractive development opportunities in Europe.

Situated on the southern tip of the Dalmatian Coast; it is an ideal tourist destination.

Although compact, it has significant ecological, heritage and cultural resources, a beautiful coastline, charming renaissance towns and some of the most dramatic UNESCO protected scenery in Europe. With the political and economic focus on luxury tourism development, Montenegro is set to stand out from the crowd.

A Total Land Area of of 2.7 million m2 available for investment

With a Total Land Area of (TLA) of 2.7 million m2, the Adriatic Opportunities Ltd Portfolio offers access to a diversified investment pipeline of “lifestyle” development opportunities, primarily residential and/or freehold-tourism property. The assets are located throughout Montenegro from the prime Adriatic Coastal areas via the rural Lake Skadar region to the ski resorts in the northern mountains.

Perfect locations for your next development project...

  • Coastal Portfolio

The Coastal Projects Portfolio comprises a diverse number of prime development zone locations along the length of the Adriatic Riviera from Lustica via Kotor Bay to Budva and beyond.

The Portfolio is well positioned to take full advantage of the selective Tourism Development Strategy that Montenegro is actively pursuing. The most significant of the developments is Porto Montenegro, the largest luxury/mega yacht marina on the eastern Mediterranean with over 700 berths.

  • Lake Portfolio

Skadar Lake is located in Zeta-Skadar valley divided between the Municipalities of Bar and Podgorica. Two thirds of the lake is in Montenegro and a third in Albania. This unique lake is 391 km2 and is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsular. It is one of the largest bird reserves in Europe, having 270 bird species, amongst which are some of the last pelicans in Europe, and is abundant in fish (especially carp).

Travelling to the Skadar region one cannot help but notice the beauty of the area, with its overgrown banks, bays, capes and islands. It is the perfect holiday destination with mild winters and dry, hot summers. The Adriatic Sea is only 20 mins drive from Skadar Lake accessed through the newly built Sozina tunnel.

Our assets overlook this stunning lake setting within the Skadar Valley.

  • Mountain Portfolio

The terrain of Northern Montenegro is mountainous and the municipalities of Zabljak and Kolasin are considered to be the centres for Montenegro’s winter tourism. Snow fall is heavy here in the winter months but in summer the weather is glorious and these regions are perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors with challenging hiking and mountain-biking trails. The North of Montenegro also boasts the second largest canyon in the world. Ski facilities are operational in both resorts, in particular Zabljak.

Access to both destinations will be greatly enhanced by new major road networks that are currently being built, providing direct, high speed connections with the coast and main airports. This infrastructure programme is the catalyst for rapid development and growth of these mountain regions. Adriatic Opportunities Ltd has significant land holdings in both regions. The new road network will also open up other beautiful areas of the “Wild Montenegro” interior, such as the Savnik Canyon.

  • Rural Portfolio

The coastal hinterland region of Montenegro is one of the country’s best kept secrets. Lush valleys with beautiful scenery house olive groves and vineyards, which are a recurrent theme.

This area of Montenegro, which is only a 20 minute drive from the Adriatic, is equidistant from the coast, Lake Skadar and Podgorica the capital; as a result of this, we expect to see significant growth in this region in the coming years.

We have packaged a portfolio of land and restorable properties in a number of charming villages that stretch the full length of this valley.

Other's have already begun!

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